Medicines from the Earth Herb Symposium begins online video streaming online June 4, 2021
Online event you can attend on your computer from anywhere for up to a year. Up to 49 hours of continuing education for MD, ND, DO, RN, FNP, LAc and others. Theme: Building Resilience with Botanical Medicine
Lectures Include:
  • Targeting Cancer Stem Cells with Botanical Medicine
  • Vaporizer Technologies for the Delivery of Botanicals
  • Restoring Mitochondrial Function through Botanicals and other Naturopathic Therapies
  • Effective Pain Relief with Botanical and Nutritional Medicine
  • Panel Discussion: Managing Symptoms of Hormonal Disruption with Botanical Medicine
Up to 22 PDA for acupuncturists (pending – NCCAOM). Plus Friday intensive on Targeting the Biological Terrain in Collaborative Oncology with Jason Miller and in-person field studies and herb walks in the Asheville, NC area. Early bird ends 3/31/21. Information and registration: 541-482-3016 or