ASDC has been leading an extensive effort, starting in January 2013, to update D.C.’s acupuncture regulations, which were put into place prior to 1987. We expect to have updated acupuncture regulations in place by 2016.

 A leadership team has met multiple times with the D.C. Board of Medicine to address three major areas:  (1) to remove incorrect or misleading information from the website and DOH documents.  A case in point is the requirement for physician oversight which was rescinded by City Council in 2003; (2) to establish ongoing training requirements for renewing licensees though continuing education requirements; (3) appropriate grandfathering for all practitioners; (4) updated entry requirements for new licensees that are in line with national best practices and still provide some flexibility for those of diverse educational backgrounds, such as avenues to licensing through apprenticeship. 

Upcoming Continuing Education

March 10-11 Columbia, MD

Eight Extraordinary Vessels and Fullfilling Destiny with Jeffrey Yuen
Participants will learn the energetics of the eight extraordinary vessels, physical and psychosocial developement, and diagnosis, treatment.
$315-$425. 14 CEU’s
Contact: Maryland Acupuncture Society

March 24th-25th Asheville NC

Sleep and Dreams in Chinese Medicine with Evan Rabinowitz
This course help practitioners address the multitude of common sleep issues that we most often see.  We also the mysteries of dreams, dream symbols and dream interpretation in our own life and clinical practice.
250$-350$.  CEUs 14.
Contact: Evan Rabinowitz

April 6-8 Tempe, AZ

Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine
Pre-conference intensive on treating addiction; more than 30 clinical lectures, including managing surgery with botanicals (with an emphasis on cancer), nootropics for enhancing memory and focus, mood disorders in children and field studies of desert plants in the Superstition Mountains.  Approved for 21.5 PDA depending on how many lectures are attended.
Contact/Information and registration: Bontanicalmedicine.org or phone 541-482-3016.

April 14th-September 8th Columbia MD

PULSE DIAGNOSIS I (April 14, May 19, July 7, September 8) with Evan Rabinowitz
This is part one of a three part series.  It introduces both ‘static’ and ‘dynamic’ pulses.  We explore 33 pulse qualities drawing from both classical and contemporary traditions.  A small class size optimizes hands on transmission.
$800.  CEUs- 22.
Contact:Evan Rabinowitz

Year of the Rooster

“The rooster wakes up the day and is considered to be in charge of the light.”

As we welcome in the Year of the Rooster, we look at some of its major characteristics: confidence and communication, which suits the image we have of the Rooster…strutting in the farmyard, crowing to the others that it’s time to wake up.-Marilyn Allen Acupuncture Today

This year, it’s the Year of the Rooster, the 10th animal in the cycle. The next Year of the Rooster will be in 2029.