ASDC has been leading an extensive effort, starting in January 2013, to update D.C.’s acupuncture regulations, which were put into place prior to 1987. We expect to have updated acupuncture regulations in place by 2016.

 A leadership team has met multiple times with the D.C. Board of Medicine to address three major areas:  (1) to remove incorrect or misleading information from the website and DOH documents.  A case in point is the requirement for physician oversight which was rescinded by City Council in 2003; (2) to establish ongoing training requirements for renewing licensees though continuing education requirements; (3) appropriate grandfathering for all practitioners; (4) updated entry requirements for new licensees that are in line with national best practices and still provide some flexibility for those of diverse educational backgrounds, such as avenues to licensing through apprenticeship. 

Upcoming Continuing Education

March 19–21, 2016: Columbia, MD

Sinew Channels — FIVE CHANNEL SYSTEMS: Sinew, Luo, Divergent Channels, Eight Extraordinary Vessels — a series of study & practical application with Evan Rabinowitz. An understanding of the five channel systems allows the clinician to have a wider scope of practice, providing more flexibility in addressing complex contemporary illnesses. Studying the five channel systems in depth gives one a more complete picture of Chinese Medicine physiology and the progression and resolution of illness. Each weekend in the series includes an optional Monday clinical practicum. The practicum, limited to 18 students, include advanced training in pulse diagnosis, needle techniques related to each channel system, and other opportunities to practice clinical skills. 12 CEUs/18 CEUs (NCCAOM pending). For more info go to: evanrabinowitz.com/classes

March 19, 2016: Columbia, MD

Deepening Perspectives of Pulse Diagnosis.  Join Lonny Jarrett for pulse diagnosis.   As vital to cultivating a deep intuition in medical practice as it is to explicitly communicating to others what one is seeing and how one has arrived at a diagnosis or treatment principle. This class will lay the foundation for a broad and deep appreciation of pulse diagnosis.  Cost: $210-$310.  CEU’s 14.  Contact: muih.edu

March 19, 2016: Columbia, MD

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat:  Learning Tools to be Fully Present in Your life.  Learn or renew your mindfulness meditation practices with clinical psychologist and national presenter, Dr. Tracey Sondik in A Day Long Mindfulness Meditation Retreat. Cost:  $99.  CEU’s 7.  Contact:  muih.edu

April 2, 2016: Fairfax, VA

Psycho-emotional Disorders and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels with Yvonne Farrell L.Ac, DAOM
This course will give an overview of the 8 Extraordinary vessels and their use in the diagnosis and treatment of psycho-emotional disorders. We will discuss how the functions of these vessels relate to psycho-emotional health and how the 8 Extraordinary vessels respond to evolutionary stress. Understanding the pathways and the points along the trajectories will give practitioners a deeper understanding of how to use these vessels to help their patients adapt to the major changes in life that often cause emotional suffering. 14 NCCAOM Core Approved, 14 CA CEU approved. Early register ends Feb 20th.
For more information and to register go to: acusova.com/events.


Support your acupuncture profession

The acupuncture profession needs some unity, creativity and visibility in the new year!

2015 is the year of the wooden goat. This brings the second period of Wood energy into the Great Qi Flow of our lives.  Wood Qi rules the conduit between fire and water. This means it is an awesome time to pursue creative endeavors and independent projects. Support growth of the acupuncture profession in 2015 by purchasing a goat-tee.

All proceeds are collected by the Oregon Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and will support professional activities and campaigns at the state and national level.  One of these is the American Society of Acupuncturists, which provides support to ASDC through its many activities.