ASDC has been leading an extensive effort, starting in January 2013, to update D.C.’s acupuncture regulations, which were put into place prior to 1987. We expect to have updated acupuncture regulations in place by 2016.

 A leadership team has met multiple times with the D.C. Board of Medicine to address three major areas:  (1) to remove incorrect or misleading information from the website and DOH documents.  A case in point is the requirement for physician oversight which was rescinded by City Council in 2003; (2) to establish ongoing training requirements for renewing licensees though continuing education requirements; (3) appropriate grandfathering for all practitioners; (4) updated entry requirements for new licensees that are in line with national best practices and still provide some flexibility for those of diverse educational backgrounds, such as avenues to licensing through apprenticeship. 

Upcoming Continuing Education

November 2-3, Washington, DC

Orthopedic Acupuncture with Todd McCloskey

Cost: $350, early bird special $300 before October 1st, student rate $275 NCCAOM CEU 13
This is a hands on class that will help build the skills to perform high quality orthopedic acupuncture. You will learn traditional ashi needling techniques as well as means to diagnose and more successfully treat low back pain. Although the main focus of the class is on low back pain what you learn can quickly be applied to all range of orthopedic issues. The class size will be limited to 10 in order to ensure each participant receives individualized instruction. Not only will you walk away with new and immediately useful skills, the class with help deepen your overall acupuncture techniques.

Contact: Todd McCloskey @ 484.995.7877 or districtacupuncture@gmail.com

October 11-12, 2019 Des Moines, IA

ACUPROFIT decoding seminar with Dr. Abby Miller, DACM
ACUPROFIT is an interactive seminar that shows you step by step how to maximize your practice while minimizing effort. Throughout the 2 day, 17 hour training, we teach a repeatable new patient formula that gets the “YES” to your recommended care plan. In this must attend seminar, you will learn how to demonstrate your value as a medical professional, while enjoying profits year after year.                                                                                                                                          We exist so you can “take back your clinic.”
We provide the solution to Acupuncturists who are frustrated due to a lack of time, lack of staff, or lack of finances.
ACUPROFIT removes clinic bottlenecks. It provides the framework to empower your clinic be what is was meant to be – a clinic that heals and generates profit.
ACUPROFIT seeks to free the Acupuncturist from the burden of “practice management” and teaches you the BEST way to get the “yes” to the care plan you recommend.
What do Acupuncturists do best? Heal people. Is there a simple system that allows you to be the healer and have work life balance? Yes! It is called ACUPROFIT.

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