Continuing Education Courses

Find the latest offerings on acupuncture, Chinese medicine and Asian medical arts such as Qi Gong.  Our list provides information on upcoming continuing education courses, global conferences and international study.  If you would like to request a listing to be posted here fill out our form.  ASDC reserves the right to edit announcements/submissions.  Several organizations offer ASDC members discounts and are indicated below.

American Society of Acupuncturists

2021 Virtual Conference—We Are Stronger, Together

Dates and Details

September 10, 11 & 12, 2021
9:00 AM PDT - 1:30 PM PDT
12 Noon EDT - 4:30 PM EDT

Conference party: Sept 10, 2021 at 4:30 pm EDT

12 NCCAOM PDAs pending approval & 12 CAB CEUs pending approval
CAB 1527 NCCAOM 169212

    Credits awarded for live virtual participation only

    Join the American Society of Acupuncturists for an interactive live virtual conference, as we explore the topics surrounding acupuncture in the United States: Medicare, Dry Needling/ Trigger Point Acupuncture, Medicaid, Research, Herbs & Cultural Competency. As we dive into these issues, we will learn why these issues matter to ALL acupuncturists. Learn about the work of the ASA and our member state associations, as we support our profession, locally and nationally.

    Your live participation during interactive breakout sessions will be an important part of this fun and interactive virtual conference. Meet new friends and reconnect with those you know, as we chat at our round tables during break time. There will be prizes, music and festivities! Register by August 16th, 2021 and you will receive a goodie box in the mail!

    Your participation matters! The acupuncture profession is stronger, when we all work together!

    For more information go to: ASA 2021 Virtual Conference: We Are Stronger Together! – American Society of Acupuncturists (

    Botanical Medicine Online Course

    Pain and Inflammation Education for Clinicians
    The Pain and Inflammation Series provides 8 audio recordings offering clinicians valuable information to help reduce opioid use, over-use and addiction. Presented by experienced practitioners, they address botanical therapies for dampening the inflammatory response and managing types of pain (i.e. neuralgia, acute renal colic, vascular pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc.). Also features up-to-date information on the uses of cannabis for pain management and discusses the underlying causes of chronic pain syndrome. Includes digital book of lecture notes with complete references (85 page PDF).
    To order the series and for more information, please visit: Botanical Medicine Pain and Inflammation