Continuing Education Courses

Find the latest offerings on acupuncture, Chinese medicine and Asian medical arts such as Qi Gong.  Our list provides information on upcoming continuing education courses, global conferences and international study.  If you would like to request a listing to be posted here fill out our form.  ASDC reserves the right to edit announcements/submissions.  Several organizations offer ASDC members discounts and are indicated below.

March 11-12 Columbia, MD

Chinese Scalp Acupuncture with Dr. Jason Hao, DOM

This course introduces CSA through didactic material, demonstration of techniques, and clinical experience for participants. The didactic material covers the anatomy and physiology of the brain and the scalp in order to show the location and indications of scalp acupuncture points.  Demonstration and hands-on technique will be an integral part of the class.
CEU’s 14.  ASDC members $370-395 Non members $400 to $425.
Contact: Maryland Acupuncture Society

April 7-9 Tempe, Arizona

Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine
Conference will include:
-Recent Research on Cannabis and Cancer Treatment
-A Role for Botanicals in the Treatment of Multiple Drug Resistance
-Epigenetics and Mental Health: Botanical and Dietary Influences
-The Problem of Proton Pump Inhibitors for GERD and their Alternatives
-Pre-conference Intensive: Botanicals for Immuno-inflammation with emphasis on Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer with Lise Alschuler, ND

See full program, which includes herb walks and medicine making demonstrations in the herb garden.  Registration: $359 includes all lectures Saturday and Sunday. Friday events, meals and lodging are extra. CEU’s 21.5 NCCAOM pending. Information: or (541) 482-3016.

April 22-23 Fairfax, VA

Elementary Aspects of Canonical Chinese Medicine with Stephen Bonzak MS, DCCM, FICEAM, L.Ac
This course is designed for non-herbalist and herbalist alike who wish to develop more accurate and deeper understanding of the application of clinical herbal medicine. Participates will achieve this objective by exploring the medicine’s original identity and history via in-depth study of classical Chinese texts. 16 NCCAOM PDAs/16 California Category 1 Live CEUs Approved. $250-$400. For more information and to register, visit

April 8-9 Columbia, MD

Blackboard Essentials with Kerri Westhauser L.Ac.

This course will teach students how to rethink and refine diagnosis from how they were previously taught. Moving seamlessly from symptoms to precise diagnostic distinctions to elegant formulas and strategies, while simultaneously moving away from merely modifying existing formulas in an attempt to fit a patient’s complex presentation into them.  This course will also emphasize supporting normal physiology as a means to hand back normal function to the body, and in doing so resolve disharmony. CEUs 13.  $325.


June 2-5 Black Mountain NC

Medicines from the Earth Herb Symposium
Topics include:
-Resetting the 24-hour Circadian Cycle with Botanicals
-The Yin and Yang of Inflammation: Regulating the Inflammatory Cascade
-Hepatitis B & C: A Holistic Approach
-Insomnia as a Yin Deficiency
-Demonstration of Nebulizer Therapies using Botanicals
-Pre-conference Intensive: Immuno-psychiatry– Immune System Influences on Mental Health and Innovative Therapies for Restoring Balance

CEU’s 22.5 NCCAOM pending. Information 541-482-3016 or

October 14-15 Columbia, MD

Chinese Herbal Strategies and Refinements: Gynecology with Kerri Westhauser L. Ac.

This course is the second in the Strategies and Refinement series. Building on the methodology of Blackboard Basics, the Gynecology weekend focuses on correct timing and dosing of herbal formulas as they relate to the menstural cycle’s normal physiology and disharmony. Focusing on concise and elegant formulas that are correctly refined with pao zhi, dui yao and burner regulation.  Included in this course is utilizing the strength and versatility of herbal medicine in working with IUI, IVF, DE and Male Factor for mitigating side effects and maximizing outcomes. CEU’s 13 pending.  $325.

November 11-12 Columbia, MD

Korean Hand Therapy with Dr. Dan Lobash, Ph.D., L.Ac.
The seminar will include how to use this powerful and easily accessible micro-system with needles, magnets, and hand rollers. This level of training covers in detail each of the hand micro-meridians and their special clinical uses. These 12 micro-acupuncture meridians are analogous to their body counterparts, and are a separate, parallel, system.
For more info visit: Maryland Acupuncture Society